Hawaii Was Epic.


Hawaii was epic. Literally everything in Hawaii is epic though, just ask the locals. Epic is their word for “cool,” “awesome,” “fun,” "beautiful," and “delicious.” My recent trip there fulfilled everything I had been yearning for in a getaway. What's more is that it came together almost spontaneously. 

I was itching for a cultural, outdoorsy trip that could fit within a 5 to 7 day time span on a lower-end budget. (Check, check, check, and check). Also, the food was tasty, abundant, and affordable (poké and pork all day). Even the two hurricanes heading towards the islands were accommodating with our plans. Thank you, Madeline and Lester.

What prompted the trip was a snapchat story. I happen to follow a photographer friend on the app and one day found myself enamoured by his videos of desolate tropical forests, waterfalls, and oceans with lush mountainous backdrops.

“Where ARE you!?” I asked.

“Hawaii!” he responded.

Immediately after, I texted my girlfriend Ly. “Didn’t you say you wanted to go to Hawaii? How about this summer?” She was onboard as soon as I mentioned it and we purchased our flights and AirBnB’s within days of that text.

We were both in agreement when it came to our outdoorsy to urban attraction wishes. The ratio was something like 3:1. So many incredibly scenic hikes. Such friendly locals. Chickens running everywhere. And did I mention the food was delicious?