Color EndeavorS


It’s almost 1am but I feel a second wind rushing in, possibly from the cup of coffee I chugged a few hours ago. Whoops...

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to post about my latest creative endeavor for a few weeks now- one that I began almost as soon as 2017 did: digital illustration. This is a pretty different direction from hand painting dinnerware as I do for my shop. While I love working with my hands, mixing colors, and creating textures onto tangible, functional objects, much of running my shop is primarily about this very phase of production. Therefore, much of what I do feels embedded into muscle memory. After all, I’m usually painting designs I’ve made dozens (maybe hundreds) of times before.

In need of something fresh, versatile, and colorful with infinite design and product possibilities, I started honing an illustrative style that I’ve been tinkering with for years. Influenced by mosaic art and mixed media arts, the aesthetic finally feels true to my expressive intentions. To keep me accountable for continuing with it, I developed a creative project with challenge guidelines for Instagram: derive color palettes from interesting photos, then use those color palettes for illustrations. Alternating photography featuring color palettes with my illustrations creates a fun look on my IG gallery page while allowing me to incorporate my life and inspirations with my art. Hopefully, it can also be helpful to other artists, presenting them with color palettes to reference for their own projects.

Here's a glimpse of that project as seen in my Instagram feed.