Happenings In My Insta-Bubble

These are currently trending in my self-curated insta-bubble. Of course, I feel both excited to take part in the experiences and resentful that I wasn't an earlier adopter/discoverer. 

Fish Cones

There's no way I would be able to resist documenting Japanese soft serve ice-cream served in fish-shaped waffle cones! There is however, a shortage of photos featuring people actually eating these (you know, displays of eating from the fish's mouth, nibbling its face etc...) which I think is a missed comedic opportunity.

 Taiyaki NYC

Taiyaki NYC

Daniel Wellington Watches

I do really love the sleek design of these watches.


Jason Rhoades Exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, L.A.

Words by the late Jason Rhoades in trying to come up with various terms for a female's privates. Disney meets Urbandictionary?

 Happening until May 21, 2017

Happening until May 21, 2017

California Super Bloom

California is experiencing a rare "Super Bloom" as a reward for alllll the rain received this year.