A Heartwarming Purr-suit


Sometime early this December, I was scrolling through my emails in hyperactive “delete” mode. For the love of sanity, can we please figure out a solve for unwarranted mass marketing emails??  I’d like to think that by this point, I’ve at least developed a keen sense for picking out authentic personable messages from the frenzy of “Hey (auto-inserted name, Meena) that carry the guise of being from someone I recently spoke with.

Anyway, I’ll cat to the chase. The Subject Line: custom cat wine glasses caught my attention. The subject line alone warmed my heart because my actual Etsy shop was in “vacation mode,” which is the Etsy way of placing the “sorry, we’re closed” sign on your shop’s door.

My thoughts: Someone proactively went the extra step to find my email and reach out to me for a set of wine glasses? ::heart eyes emoji:: ::blushing emoji::

Just a month earlier, my full-time job and other creative endeavors were taking up the bulk of my time and so I had begrudgingly made the decision to put my shop on vacay mode. I knew I would soon start feeling a sensation that for me comes very rarely: FOMO.

As a handmade shop owner, the holidays are indeed the most wonderful time of the year. And the customers on Etsy are always in good cheer. Fun fact: Etsy customers are 99.999% of the time, AMAZING and during the holidays when sweet complimentary notes to sellers are placed with orders and custom requests arrive with heartwarming familial anecdotes and gifting backstories, the holiday spirit and appreciation for one-of-a-kind art is palpable enough to thrive on.


Fast forward again to the email. I was so excited to read the eagerness to have a custom set created in the likeness of the sender’s sister-in-law’s two (very beautiful) cats and especially delighted to see the request for this to be done in my mosaic style of painting.

I had coincidentally just created a custom gift set featuring the likeness of a giftee’s 3 dogs so I started the cat set with an exact idea of how to approach it. And I must say, I love how this duo turned out and am crossing my fingers I captured the cat’s personalities (I was given their Instagram handle to reference- yes, they’re on Instagram!)

And now for my favorite part about finishing an order: imagining them in use with their beloved pets taking part in the moment. I’d say it’s a good note to end the year on.

Cheers & Happy 2019!!