After Dinner Mints: A Theory


There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who end meals on a savory note with impressive ease; who consume a proper nutritional ration and then just... move on to the next item on their day’s agenda without further thought. And then there are those who are left with a tinge of yearning for a little something more. Who must end meals with something sweet no matter how incredibly stuffed their bellies already are because somehow, there is always room for dessert and an ice-cream parlor or bakery... or SOMETHING can’t be too far away.

For better or for worse, I fall into the second category.

But the other day after having eaten my fair share of sushi rolls, dumplings, soup, and tempura everything, I was left with that strange sensation that with one more grain of rice I would burst and yet- ohh, the longing for dessert.  My phantom second stomach began signaling the craving for sweet decadence.

As I was deciding on a possible dessert detour before heading home, a bowl of peppermint candies appeared right before the restaurant’s exit doors (okay, so they’re always just kinda sitting on the host/ess stand). I nonchalantly unwrapped a piece and popped it into my mouth. And just like a transformation you’d see in a Snickers commercial, I felt myself returning to my original, satisfied self.

At some point in my young adult life, peppermint candies developed a connotation of cheap “throw-awayness.” But now, I was seeing their novel purpose. A hint of refreshing mint to cleanse your palate and serve as a digestif together with a dose of sugar to send you the psychological signal that you’ve had your something sweet… and now you can go on. Brilliant.