My 2019 Resolutions


Yoga Instructor: We’re going to move into a flow of cat-cow, at your own pace. And as we do this to begin our practice and get the blood flowing this morning, let’s try and do away with those “to-do” lists on our minds. Instead, let’s focus on our “to-be” list for the day.

::Audible inhales & exhales from the class::

My Thinking: So profound… a to-BE list. A list that will move me to tackle my to-do lists instead of tell me to.

Yoga Instructor: Beautiful. Now, take a reaaally big bong-sized inhale. And let’s move into downward dog.

Besides the punchline I didn’t see coming at which myself and many others burst into laughter at the start of a much-needed yoga session, the instructor’s sentiment about focusing on our “to-be” lists rather than our “to-do” lists stuck with me over the years.

And with a to-be list in lieu of measurable New Years resolutions, I eagerly entered 2018. I think this helped instill within me a healthy perspective to maintain within various facets of my life.

Entering 2019 however, I find myself seeking “Renaissance Woman” status. Picking up new skills no matter how simple have a way of giving me the sense I’m gaining more depth as a person. So it’s no wonder my goals for the new year are primarily skill-based.

And since I have to hold myself accountable…

Here they are, Internet:

  • Korean Language Learning: create and complete a curriculum to help get me and my siblings to a beginner’s level of conversational ability

  • Class Pass: Use all 25 credits per month

  • Blog: Let’s really do this thing! So far so good, eh?

  • Sewing: Complete a six-week course in sewing so I can do simple tailoring and create some of my own clothes

  • iPhone Photography: Improve my photography through the device I always have on hand

  • Cooking: Focus on new a culinary theme or type of cuisine every two months to feel comfortable with flavor profiles from around the world