Art Meets Science


The clouds parted a bit today. Not enough for the sun to fully cascade onto my turf and melt ice cream but just enough for a little light to peer through. In this choppy beginning phase of creating something new, every step forward feels like a breakthrough.

I’ve known for a while that making ice cream is a science. Well, no offense to ice cream, but today I worked with a type of food that puts the simplicity of making ice cream into perspective. It makes making ice cream look like a walk down the frozen dessert aisle.

And I do have to get this recipe right. This ingredient just so happens to be a defining component of my end product (hint: it’s not just ice cream). I have to keep it mum for now but I will say that it’s the trickiest, stickiest, most stubborn ingredient I’ve ever dealt with. Perfecting its consistency while learning how to efficiently scale it is truly an art. Maybe a science. Whichever sounds more complicated. Not to mention, it doesn’t clean easily. Instead, it suctions itself to everything it touches.

Then again, at least we made it!? We’re definitely getting somewhere with it! There was a time when I could only prepare it in small batches at home, when it so charmingly required nothing more than my little microwave. Having to switch gears and figure out the commercially viable solution for production created quite the challenge, to say the least.

It’s very important to note here that I said “we.” While for now, I’m running this business as a one-woman show, it’s still required the time, skill, and faith of what feels like a village of talented others for me to have even come this far (oh and not lose my sanity). In fact, it’s made the process especially rewarding to be able to share in the celebrations of even the smallest victories with others.

Another thing to note: it’s officially my third business day not working in an 9 to 5’er office! So far, I’ve been just as busy as ever but in a way that feels incredibly fulfilling and exciting. I’m a few steps into a journey of bringing a long-standing vision to life and as I think about waking up to head into work tomorrow, well, you can’t see it but it makes a big smile appear on my face.