Once Upon a Pint


I’ve always had an ice-cream tooth more so than a sweeth tooth (and I have a second tooth for dark chocolate).

I remember my first quart of Edy’s mint chocolate chip (yeah, I said quart). Fluffed, frozen, creamy. Refreshingly cool yet cozily sweet. I coaxed 3-4 scoops into a white ceramic bowl only to come back for more… and more. I was in the middle of the Fourth grade and I’m not kidding- Edy’s mint chip very quickly became my daily after school snack. And dinner. I was obsessed. The only thing that helped me part was the discovery of everybody’s flavor weakness: chocolate chip cookie dough.

It might not have been until high school (maybe middle school?) that I was introduced to Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. Whenever it was, I still remember how I felt in the first moment diving in: full of wonder. The dark chocolate chips weren’t chips at all- they were dark chocolate fish! Swimming in caramel swirls, chocolatey tides, and marshmallowy sea foam- I was hooked. But not just with the flavor. I became a fan of the Ben & Jerry’s brand and ethos as a whole. They cared about culture and what was happening in the world, and they had a few things to say about it all.

I carried this love with me into college. Ben & Jerry’s was my go-to for a pint, be it Phish Food, Half Baked, Oatmeal Cookie Chunk (RIP), Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz, or New York Super Fudge Chunk- apparently released the year I was born which was also in New York. Coincidence? I think not. Whether it was a pick-me-up pint, celebratory pint, so-much-studying-to-do pint, or we-broke-up pint, they carried me through the years.

And everyone around me felt its impact. Guys I dated brought me Ben & Jerry’s instead of flowers when I was having a bad day. My roommate’s boyfriend said he didn’t have an ice-cream addiction until I started making them go on ice-cream runs with me. I made Ben & Jerry’s my case study for all my learnings in business school.

It was also in business school that I realized my entrepreneurial spirit. Somehow, these two loves ran parallel to each other for many years until somewhat recently, when a lightbulb moment merged their paths together with yet a third influence in the mix.

And this is where I have to leave things for now. More to come later!