Tea Squad


A request for one of my favorite custom orders yet found its way to my inbox while my Etsy shop was on vacay (there was a lot of transitioning going on in my life at the time so Etsy was put on hold).

Turns out, the request was from a customer who had purchased a custom tea set from me years ago for one of her friends and remembering it fondly, came back to create a set for her best friend.

I can’t say no to the combination of sweet words, a thoughtful idea, and genuine enthusiasm so I made a note to myself to message her first thing when my shop re-opened in the new year and gave her an ETA in the meantime.

I loved creating this set. Though there was a distinct theme provided for each teacup/saucer duo (i.e. flowers and birds on one, portrait of friend’s cat on another, etc...) how these were carried out was left to me. I found the process quite therapeutic as it gave me room to decide as I went, how I could make each cup and saucer distinct in a way that would still allow them harmonize within the set. I wanted each piece to look slightly mismatched because I tend to think teacups are more endearing that way. It emphasizes them as collector’s items or coveted pieces all their own.

It’s clear that this set was conceived by the gifter for a truly special friendship and I feel so flattered to have been asked to create it. I imagine these besties having tea time together and making new memories while ::fingers crossed:: sipping from their portraiture in delight.