Heavy Feels


I tried to blame the weather but the sun is actually out. I can usually take daily little wins as a means to find positivity but today, it's tough. The news continues to reveal humanity is in crisis mode and it makes me sad. I can’t help but notice that people around me seem to be feeling sadder than usual too. While this can come off amiss of perspective, seeing as how I live in the most prosperous state within the most “powerful nation in the world,” the sadness actually comes in light of this notion. We see stress, despair, inequality, and match sticks as lights at the end of the tunnel in our very own hometowns where things are supposed to be exemplary, and so our sense of hope shrinks for how we can change things for the better for our global community at large. Therefore, I think for now, until I can shake off the heaviness and until I can find fire to feed my belly, sadness seems like the appropriate feeling.