Because Bowie Was Probably His Own Fan Too


The whole “find your tribe thing” can sound kinda shitty when like, it’s just you.

I recently attended a networking event for entrepreneurs. My jaded L.A. self wasn’t expecting to gain too much from it to be honest, but my dream-chasing L.A. self thought, “Hey, at the very least, it’ll put more fire in my belly. Also… free wine.”

There was a panel of guest speakers on stage discussing various phases of starting and maintaining a business. The topic of a “support system” came up and a couple of speakers went into how important it is to surround yourself with the right people, people who will be honest about your work, etc… I could feel myself restraining an eye roll.

You know… it took me seven years to finally feel like I had a strong, genuine support system of friends in L.A. Seven years of meeting and greeting other jaded people until I found commonalities and the TIME to bond and form trust over wine, coffee, upbringings, and bad dating experiences. We don’t always have seven years to start our ideas and sometimes, it’s the more fully baked ideas that help you grow your tribe and garner close friends from within it in the first place.

But just then, another guest speaker spoke up with words that halted the initial school of thought and made me think “Preeeach.”

“You have to trust your own instincts. You have to be your number one fan. You have to be your own f***ing fan. Do you think Bowie ever stopped to ask his friends ‘Hey guys, is this like, good?’

Now THIS was what I needed to hear. I immediately laughed at the mere notion of David Bowie feeling unsure of his off-kilter, revolutionary sounds that only someone such as himself could be sure about in the first place.

Support system or lack thereof, you have to be your own fan first to get your concept out there and show what your idea is about. And your support system of people will be the ones who think “Ohh, I get you” and trust and encourage your process for your next ideas without overly interfering or meddling with them in their vulnerable infant stages as you continue.

So yeah, cheers to our support systems but first, be your own f***ing fan.