Hey hey hey, we made a breakthrough today! Actually, we made THE breakthrough.

I now have a viable product. I now have a promising business.

What. A. Relief.

… lol

It’s been months of trial and error testing with the industrial equipment I hardly knew how to operate. Before leaving for India, we called in a technician who came and went through the entire process with us, from creating the main components/ingredients to putting them through the machine. He walked us through his scientific method of testing the variables: note the temperature, elasticity, measurement, weight, etc… of everything, during every phase.

When the moment of truth arrived, the output was 85% our goal end product. Which was the best we had ever done. Plus, we now knew what to tinker with for improvement. But we had to call it a day before trying again. And I had my three and a half week trip to India to get to before we would have another chance. This made me nervous. All that information and momentum to retain. And hopefully, the guys helping me would still care enough to recall it all when I came back.

Fast forward to my return from India. I felt awkward being back in the kitchen but was quick to schedule another day of testing with my team. Within the first go, the machine was steadily streaming out product that was 95% what I had intended (but wasn’t expecting).


Then we tried it again the next week… and it worked AGAIN.

So now… I can get back to the fun part of creating new ice cream flavors and figuring out the rest of the biz which somehow doesn’t feel nearly as daunting as perfecting our product.

::happy dancing away from my computer::