Zion & Bryce Canyon


The theme was camp

I catch myself thinking about how fortunate I am to have made the friends that I’ve made in Los Angeles. I also remember setting an intention to do so. In a place like L.A., it’s easy to let anything and everything in and you soon learn the importance of vetting/filtering while keeping an open-mind. 

After feeling the burns and bruisings of less-than-healthy acquaintanceships that came in the guise of friendships, I stepped back and told myself “ugh, enough.” And I felt less lonely being alone in this city than I had in the company of disingenuous people. I still hoped to find gems in L.A. to bond with. The more my mentality shifted from eager to make friends to being confident in the type of friendship I have to offer, the more I started to make real connections with amazing women. 

And thus began some of my greatest adventures to date. 

A few weeks ago I went on my third camping road trip with a crew that’s historically etched in my mind as one that’s dragged me into some death-defying hikes. Okay, surely not the most treacherous trails out there but they’re also not, not questionable either. At least in the end, when you’ve made it out alive, you feel like a million bucks who deserves all the pizza and fireside s’mores.

Zion is mega impressive with its diverse terrain. I can’t remember the name of the trail now, I’ll have to look it up. But on that 15-mile hike, I felt like I had traversed through deserts, jungles, beaches, and meadows within a single day. 

We also made the quick two-hour drive to Bryce Canyon. The trails were more touristy and not nearly as long or intense but the views were BREATHTAKING. So… a lot of bang for your buck and the perfect type of hike for when your body is still recovering from the intensity of Zion’s.

The actual camping part is still probably my very favorite. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for summer camp, being in Girl Scouts, and remembering just how happy I was to wander through the woods and prance barefoot through the streams in the Midwest, but few things beat hanging around a campfire with stars shining so brightly they seem only feet away. Constellations like the Big Dipper are not only visible, but plainly obvious. It’s incredible. 

I think you can tell from how I started this article that I have my hang-ups with L.A. Taking time away from it, like, really away from it, helps me feel grounded, peaceful, and able to continue to appreciate the perks of this city.