Other People Share My Bird Obsession


Do I love birds because they’re miniature modern-day dinosaurs or do I love dinosaurs because they were (mostly) large, pre-historic birds?

When I really think about, it’s the latter. While Jurassic Park has been a top 5 movie of mine since its initial theatrical release when my dad somewhat forced me to go see it with him (I was 5 or 6 years old and terrified that it would be terrifying) I didn’t develop a fascination for dinosaurs until quite a bit later.

It was a love for parrots and parakeets first. Their eyes are so knowing yet sweet and their feathers are truly incredible. The more species and varieties of birds of I discovered, the more obsessed I became. Are any other creatures more colorfully vibrant?? Okay insects? I adore them too.

When it became a widely held belief/discovery that dinosaurs, being ancestors to modern-day birds may have also donned feathers, I was in the camp that was thrilled and expected to see a Jurassic Park remake featuring such giant feathery flamboyance. Yeah… still grumbling a little about the direction they instead took.

Anyway, it thrilled me to my bones when I received a custom request for two parrot wine glasses. This would be such a great “best friends” gift purchase, where each friend keeps one and the gifter includes a “birds of a feather drink together” note. I mean, am I right or am I right?