What kind of paints do you use for your glassware?

I use a combination of water-based paints specifically designed to decorate non-porous surfaces like glass and ceramic. Once painted, the items are set to dry for at least 24 hours before baking in an oven, a process which sets the paint and makes it both scratch resistant and dishwasher safe (though I still recommend gently hand washing with warm soapy water).

Who designed your site?

I designed this site using a template on Squarespace.

Where are you based?

Los Angeles, CA

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! Custom orders not only allow me to flex my creative skills and provide me with fulfilling design challenges, but they also give me an idea of the types of designs that are in demand. Plus, conversations around custom orders usually include a backstory about the recipient which is super meaningful to hear about :)  


What’s your ethnic background?

I’m half Korean, half Indian. A follow up question is usually “Which side do I relate to more?” and I honestly have never been able to answer this. It’d be like asking the color purple whether it feels more red or blue when all it knows is that it’s both.

how did you get into painting dinnerware?

Art had always been a big part of my life but I took an unintended hiatus from it during college when I had been in pursuit of a business degree and in the following 1-2 years when I had my first marketing job. I one day realized how much I missed delving into an artistic outlet and when I discovered Etsy, I almost immediately started creating things to sell. Soon, I started focussing on more of a niche and looked into mediums that didn’t seem very saturated in the Etsy market yet and voila! There was hand painted dinnerware. It jived so well with my other passion for food and cooking. I began to dedicate my time to the craft and within a couple years, I felt I had honed my unique style.